Kids in Nature


The mission of the Kids in Nature Environmental Education program at the Cheadle Center for Biodiversity and Ecological Restoration is to promote the aspirations and achievements of students in underserved schools by providing quality environmental science education and experiences. For both students and teachers, we create and encourage personal connections to the natural world, which will foster an interest in becoming stewards of the environment.

Program Description

KIN has a significant impact on the students' understanding, involvement in, and awareness of environmental issues through engaging and challenging activities and positive interactions with scientists, CCBER staff, UCSB graduate and undergraduate students both in class and on field trips.  KIN participants spend a significant amount of time on the UCSB campus, which helps to demystify the university and provides the students with opportunities to learn about programs and the campus environment.
There are many ways to become involved with Kids in Nature. If it is through undergraduate learning with the Kids in Nature Science Practicum Course, one day field trips, workshops, educational tours of our natural history museum or ecological restoration sites, planting days at North Campus Open Space, or classroom visits from our staff, we are dedicated to connecting the Kids In our community to Nature.

For UCSB Faculty

Kids in Nature is designed to help support the broader impacts of your research project (pdf). Please get in touch with Jan Myers to find out more information.
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