Santa Barbara Restoration Project Database


The Santa Barbara Restoration Project Database (SBRPD) was created to accomplish the following goals: (1) inventory ecological restoration projects in the south coast region of Santa Barbara County, (2) establish a centralized repository for data associated with those projects, and (3) make these data available to a broad public audience of restoration practitioners, regulators, researchers, students, and community members. The SBRPD is intended to serve as an informational resource and research tool that could potentially serve as a basis for planning, decision-making, and developing recommendations for regulators about issues pertaining to the preservation of local biological resources through restoration, conservation, and natural-lands management in the south coast region.

The Cheadle Center for Biodiversity and Ecological Restoration (CCBER) undertook the SBRPD project in 2012. The project stemmed from a series of discussions among local restoration practitioners regarding the use of non-locally sourced plant material in local restoration projects. Specifically, practitioners were concerned that the use of non-locally sourced plant material could potentially threaten the biological integrity of existing local native plant resources and destabilize the market for local native plant growers using locally-sourced plant material. The SBRPD addresses this concern by providing a means to document introductions of non-local plant material into the south coast region. Such documentation could offer insight about the extent to which the use of non-local plant material is a local issue and help practitioners identify potential threats to rare or sensitive local native plant resources.


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