North Campus Open Space


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NCOS Birds

In collaboration with local ornithologists from the Santa Barbara Audubon Society, CCBER has been conducting systematic monthly surveys of birds at the North Campus Open Space restoration project site. The surveys began in September 2017, a few months after the start of the grading phase of the project. We've compiled an NCOS Bird List of all species observed, including the first date and total number observed during the first year of these surveys (Sept. 2017 - Aug. 2018). The list does not include all species that have been seen on NCOS at other times. If you have seen a species that is not on the list, please let us know - send an email to with information about where and when you saw the species. If you have a photo of the species you could share with us, that would be great too.

There is also a regularly updated eBird list of species observed at NCOS. Check out this eBird record of the first breeding pair of Western Snowy Plovers seen on NCOS in May 2018.

The observations recorded at each monthly bird survey can be viewed in an interactive map on ArcGIS Online that can be accessed here or in the frame below. On this map you can click on an observation from any month and view the species and number observed, as well as additional information that may have been recorded such as the type of habitat or substrate the bird was observed on, and if breeding activity was observed. The black line indicates the typical route that is traveled by the two survey teams, one to the east and one to the west, meeting near the middle on the northern side of the site.