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NCOS News - February 2020

This aerial image by Bill Dewey on January 22, 2020 captures a nice view of the 21 acres of open water in NCOS and up to 44 acres in the lower Devereux Slough! This is the maximum wetland extent supported by the beach sand bar in the restored, intermittently open estuary. The whole system is currently holding approximately 350 acre feet of water and is attracting a rich diversity of birds.

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Updates & Events - Visitor Plaza update and stories about wetland hydrology and the return of Ventura marsh milk-vetch.

Volunteer Opportunities - Come plant the NCOS Mesa this Saturday, February 8th, 9:30-12! or join us anytime - email

Community Forum and Photos - video of a red fox on the Mesa, and a variety of great bird photos.

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