New Field Guides Available from CCBER



Did you know there are about 14 different species of birds of prey, or raptors, that can be seen on and around the UCSB campus?  CCBER has produced a new guidebook called Raptor Watch:  Birds of Prey of the UCSB Campus by Heather Liu.  It includes color photos of the most-commonly seen species, a silhouette of the bird in flight, and physical characteristics and comments to help you identify each bird.  Grab your binos, pick up a copy of this book, and head outside!  82 p., $16.55. 




New Algae Field Guide Available


Algae Field Guide of Santa Barbara, written by UCSB students Mary-Sophia Motlow and Alyssa Hall, includes color illustrations and descriptions of 32 local species of seaweed. 81 p. $11.95. 






New Lichen Book


Nearly 150 species of lichen have been identified on the 5,896 acre UCSB Sedgwick Reserve in the Santa Ynez Valley.  With funding from John and Heidi Rabel, CCBER has published Lichens of Sedgwick Reserve and Santa Barbara County. This guide helps to identify 56 of the species with descriptions by lichenologist Dr. Shirley Tucker  and stunning, full color photographs by Chris Broughton, Professor of Photography at Brook’s Institute, providing a fascinating view of the beauty and complex symbiotic nature of lichens. 138 p. $18.25.


To purchase a book, please contact Jennifer Thorsch.   Please pay in exact cash or make a check out to UC Regents.



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