Conservation and Restoration Ecology Seminar Series, Fall 2019

Wed, 09/18/2019 - 11:00 -- Katja Seltmann

Conservation and Restoration Ecology Seminar Series, Fall 2019


Conifer Forest Management & climate change impacts: fire, drought and disease

Monday’s 6-7pm, Rm 1013 Harder South (Classroom)


The Conservation and Restoration Ecology Seminar series is a topical series that is available for credit to UCSB students and is open to the public. Please contact Lisa Stratton if you have any questions. Fall 2019 focus is on conifer forest management and climate change.

  • October 7th – Nicole Molinari, USFS Biologist:  The causes and consequences of a changing fire regime in conifer forests
  • October 14 – Jeff Lauder , UC Merced: Sierra Conifers and Mega Drought: How do trees survive
  • October 28 – Kristen Shive, Save the Redwood’s League: Giant sequoia conservation and management: novel challenges in a time of global change
  • November 4th – Frank Davis, UC Santa Barbara: Considering conifer species range shifts under climate change.
  • November 18th – Joan Dudney, UCB, Conifers: Blister Rust and Beetles
  • November 25th – Bryant Baker, Los Padres Forest Watch: Considerations regarding fuel management strategies in California’s Conifer forests



Wednesday, September 18, 2019 - 10:45