UCSB's campus is surrounded by and replete with wetlands, about 90% of which have been lost during the past few centuries. Historically, Devereux Slough to the west and Goleta Slough to the east connected at the northern end of campus, and the Pacific Ocean to the south effectively made the campus mesa surrounded by wetlands on all sides. In all, beaches, vernal pools, salt and freshwater marshes, seeps, a lagoon and man-made bioswales all occur within the campus lands. Each of these wetland types is host to a unique and diverse array of plants and animals, many of which are now rare. Though the extent, ecology, and hydrology of this area's wetlands have changed greatly over time, those that still exist provide CCBER with excellent habitat enhancement opportunities. In addition, many of the filled, drained and weedy wetland areas are the focus of habitat restoration and creation projects.