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The Cheadle Center is seeking a Postdoctoral Scholar to forward research in bee phenomics and functional traits. Come join our team!


Calling all seaweed aficionados! Join the Cheadle Center in Cambria, CA for three day seaweed adventure!



Upcoming Events

The Cheadle Center's Third Seaweed of California's Central Coast Identification Workshop

We just hosted our third seaweed workshop! Check-out our blog to see what it's like to attend our weekend algal adventure!


UCSB’s “Introduction to Ecological Restoration Field Skills” Utilizes NCOS

Environmental Studies 95: Introduction to Ecological Restoration Field Skills (EnvS 95) is one of the few undergraduate courses offered at UCSB where more than 40 students a quarter in small sections can gain hands-on experience and get dirty in the field. Click here to learn more about this unique class! 

Algae Herbarium Debuts at the 2nd Annual California Seaweed Festival!

We are thrilled to find ways to bring the Cheadle Center’s natural history collections to the community and generate new excitement about the organisms of the Santa Barbara Coast.


North Campus Open Space Restoration Project

NCOS News - November 2021

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Updates - Planting Opportunities, Nature Guide Tours, Rain at NCOS, Outdoor Classroom

Feature Story - UCSB's "Introduction to Ecological Restoration Field Skills" Utilizes NCOS 

Community Forum and Photos - American Bittern, Sora, Burrowing Owl, and more!

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