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The UCSB Algae Herbarium is awarded a new Institute of Museum and Library Services, Museums for America grant!

Blooms are abuzz with bees and bee-searchers at NCOS and elsewhere at UCSB and beyond. Read on to learn how to recognize some of the native bees in our region (including a recent sighting of an endangered bumblebee species!) and what CCBER's student researchers are doing to improve our knowledge and ability to help support them.


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Invertebrate Food Web at NCOS

Restored native vegetation at NCOS is not only providing the desired habitat-type for much of our area’s native wildlife, it is also functioning as the basis of the food chain as many invertebrates utilize both dead and living plant matter as their primary food source. Read more here!

Citizen Science Helps Track Birds at NCOS

Thanks to citizen science apps such as eBird and iNaturalist, anyone can share their bird and other wildlife observations with the world. Along with CCBER's monthly bird surveys, this data can help us get a more complete story of bird presence, abundance, diversity, and habitat use at NCOS. Read more here!

Preserving a Precious Ecological Resource at NCOS

During pre-restoration vegetation surveys at North Campus Open Space, small populations of three species of geophytes were discovered. In this story, CCBER Restoration Coordinator, Beau Tindall, tells us about the ecological importance of these special plants and the steps that CCBER is taking to help preserve and propagate them so that their populations can grow and persist well into the future.

North Campus Open Space Restoration Project

NCOS News - July 2021

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Updates - Second Saturdays are Back, T-shirt design winner, All-terrain wheelchair, and more!

Feature Story - Invertebrate Food Web at NCOS

Community Forum and Photos - Baby birds, raptors, and a hungry heron.

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