Natural history collections serve as unique and vital records of life on Earth. At the Cheadle Center, the Collections & Biodiversity program investigates Earth's variety of life, encompassing species, ecosystems, and genetic differences, aiming to safeguard this diversity for the future. By integrating multiple disciplines like evolution, ecology, the study of living organisms, genetics, and the science of conserving species and habitats, we work toward understanding biodiversity on our changing planet.

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Citing UCSB Natural History Collection Specimen Data

You are welcome to freely use all data and images for any purpose. Although not required, we appreciate citation in research publications for data and images used from our collections. Citing our collections helps us find publications that have used our collections in research.

Suggested Citation: 

UC Santa Barbara Natural History Collections. Cheadle Center for Biodiversity and Ecological Restoration, University of California - Santa Barbara. Accessed on [todays date] 

To view a specific collection or download a specific data set view our databases. If you want to view our collections in person please contact Greg Wahlert.

Natural History Collections Databases



The Cheadle Center was formed in 2005 from a fusion of the Museum of Systematics and Ecology (MSE) and the ecological restoration program. For over 60 years these valuable collections have contributed to the research and educational missions of the University.

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Current Projects

Working with natural history collections is about more than preserving the past. Check out our current projects and research to protect biodiversity of the future.

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Get Involved

The Cheadle Center offers workshops, courses, and internships to learn more about our natural history collections and biodiversity

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