Depositing or Donating Specimens to the Collection

UCSB researchers are responsible for obtaining all necessary permits and copies of all permits must be provided to UCSB Natural History Collection staff at the time that specimens are deposited.
If specimens are CITES-protected, UCSB researchers are responsible for obtaining the necessary CITES permits for their specimens. The UCSB Natural History Collection is CITES-registered and has a Certificate of Scientific Exchange (COSE), but this applies only to exchange of specimens between UCSB and another registered institution. Also, the use of this permit is extended only to UCSB faculty, staff, students, or other UCSB researchers with a faculty sponsor.

Migratory Bird Salvage Permit

UCSB Natural History Collection at the Cheadle Center also holds a Federal Salvage Permit for migratory birds. A Federal Salvage Permit allows dead migratory birds, bird parts (such as feathers), abandoned nests, and nonviable eggs to be taken from the wild for conservation education purposes. The purpose of this permit is to allow legal acquisition of wild specimens to be donated to educational facilities, such as museums, schools, and visitor’s centers.

Questions and Additional Information 

If you have any questions, or would like to exchange specimens using Certificate of Scientific Exchange (COSE), please contact Greg Wahlert, Curator of Biodiversity Collections and Botanical Research.