Databases, Digital Files, and Published Research

One of our primary goals is to make accessible our biological specimen collections for research, teaching, analysis, and outreach.  We are currently working to database all of our specimens and share those data broadly. We use several in house and community run Symbiota portals for databasing specimens and share our data with the Integrated Digitized Biocollections (iDigBio) and Global Biodiversity Information Faculty (GBIF) projects. Suggested links for data downloads by collection are below, but they can also be accessed through the Macroalgal Herbarium PortalConsortium of North American Lichen HerbariumVertNet, Consortium of Small Vertebrate Collections (CSVColl), UC Santa Barbara Collection Network and the UC Natural Reserve System Reserve Mapper.


UCSB Vascular Plant Collection (Symbiota)

UCSB Vascular Plant Collection (GBIF)

UCSB Algae Collection (GBIF)

UCSB Algae Collection (Symbiota)

UCSB Lichen Collection (GBIF)

UCSB Lichen Collection (Symbiota)

Animal Collections:

UCSB Invertebrate Zoology Collection (GBIF)

UCSB Invertebrate Zoology Collection (Symbiota)

UCSB Vertebrate Collections (CSVColl)

UCSB Herpetology Collection (GBIF) 

UCSB Ornithology Collection (GBIF)

UCSB Mammalogy Collection (GBIF)

UCSB Vertebrate Collection (Symbiota)

eScholarship is an open access publication platform from the University California that allows for free viewing access to data, reports, presentations, and other education and research materials produced by and through the Cheadle Center.

Cheadle Center eScholarship Repository

We are helping collect data using citizen science tool iNaturalist. Visit our page to view our data or get involved!


Citing the Cheadle Center's Data or Specimens

The Cheadle Center's Ecological Restoration and Management Program publishes reports and data accessible to the public through the Cheadle Center eScholarship repository.

You are welcome to freely use data and images produced by the Cheadle Center's Natural History Collections. Although not required, we appreciate a citation in research publications for data and images used from our collections. All of our data and images are CC0 1.0 Universal. Citing our collections helps us find publications that have used our collections in research.

Suggested Citation: 

UC Santa Barbara Natural History Collections. Cheadle Center for Biodiversity and Ecological Restoration, University of California - Santa Barbara. Accessed on [today's date]