We’re excited to be leading the restoration of the Ellwood Marine Terminal site for public use. This involves removing the facility’s tanks, pipes, and associated buildings and screening trees to provide 360-degree ocean and mountain views. The restoration vision includes rebuilding the historic high point that was leveled when tanks were installed in 1929 and restoring a variety of native grasses, wetlands, scrub, woodland, and coastal dune habitats. As part of this restoration process, it’s important for us to understand what types of activities and signage local community members would like to see available at the site. The maps below outline potential public use options, including gathering areas, overlooks with benches and/or blinds for bird watching, interpretive signage, and a variety of trails that differ in difficulty, width, and length.


EMT Map trail concept 1



EMT map trail concept 2



EMT map trail concept 3


These maps are simply starting places to generate ideas and discussion. To assist us in gathering feedback, we are working with Strategic Earth to support engagement and receive input on public access and use options from the local community, including Chumash leaders and community members. As the project progresses, we will host gatherings and webinars to keep the community informed and involved. If you or someone you know is passionate about representing the community and fostering meaningful conversations, please let us know by emailing ncos@ccber.ucsb.edu. Also, if you would like to receive communications and updates about the restoration project, please subscribe to our newsletter.