The Cheadle Center manages more than 340 acres of open space between Ellwood Mesa and Goleta Slough. These project sites and management areas serve to protect and strengthen the region’s ecology and ecosystems through habitat conservation, upland restoration, wetland creation and enhancement, and the implementation of sustainable stormwater management solutions. These open spaces of Goleta & UCSB's Campus are characterized by a rich complex of oak woodland, coastal sage scrub, grassland, and wetland ecosystems, the area is known for its relatively high level of biodiversity. Through careful integration with local watersheds and surrounding natural areas, the Cheadle Center's management areas provide an important corridor and refuge for wildlife and ensure the long-term preservation of the region's natural resources.

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Management Area Map

Below is an interactive map that allows you to zoom in and out of our different management and restoration areas, highlighted in dark blue. You can also learn more about each location and it's habitats on the feature panels below!

There is so much to explore!

Our open spaces and restoration projects contain a wide variety of plants and animals that make up the habitats of California's Central Coast.

To learn more about one of our largest projects, North Campus Open Space (NCOS) visit the North Campus Open Space Webpage.

North Campus Open Space

To learn more about our native plant greenhouse and nursery visit Native Plant Nursery Webpage.

Native Plant Nursery and Greenhouse

Each panel below offers an introduction to a restoration project and its biodiverse habitats.