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UCSB Natural History Collection News

Have you ever wanted to volunteer in a natural history collection or herbarium?

Join us Saturday November 2 (9:00am to 3:00pm) to help us digitally transcribe specimens from the UCSB Natural History Collections. Tour the collections, meet collection staff, participate in research and learn about our projects that are helping make information about museum specimens and plants available online. 


The UCSB Natural History Collections will be having weekly informal research seminars, with several guest speakers planned. If you are interested in natural history or collections research, come join every Wednesday from 5-6pm in CCBER's classroom! This will also be the meeting time for the Natural History Collections Club. Read more to find out the schedule of presenters.



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Restoration Progress on the EEM Zone of NCOS

As the NCOS project got underway, we were concerned about the 25 acres of invasive weeds between NCOS and South Parcel that could easily colonize the newly restored site. Fortunately, with a grant funded by the Ecological Enhancement and Mitigation Program (EEM), our efforts to control the inhospitable weeds in what we call the EEM zone of NCOS have created openings for natural and planted restoration. Read more in this report by Beau Tindall, CCBER’s project leader at EEM and South Parcel.

NCOS Town Hall on Public Access & Use

Amenities that support public access and engagement at NCOS are a vital component of the project. We want to hear from you about your thoughts and ideas on these features and the long term management priorities for NCOS. Read more and learn how to register for an upcoming NCOS Town Hall webinar.

Grassland Diversification Strategies on the NCOS Mesa

Perennial bunch grasslands are becoming increasingly rare in California, and diverse grasslands with wildflowers are even more rare. Restoration projects like UCSB's North Campus Open Space are working to curb that trend. Learn more about a project funded by the Garden Club of Santa Barbara to test different strategies for diversifying the restored grassland on the NCOS Mesa.

North Campus Open Space Restoration Project

NCOS News - July 2020

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Updates - Join an NCOS Town Hall webinar on August 13th, new NCOS IMPACT video, Public Comment Period open for Ocean Meadows Residential Project, and more!

Feature Story - NCOS Town Hall on Public Access & Use

Community Forum and Photos - Great bird photos from several community members.

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