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Exclosures Deployed to Help Snowy Plovers in Tough Breeding Season

The threatened Western Snowy Plover faces many challenges when attempting to successfully reproduce. This breeding season, crow predation on plover eggs has been so intense on COPR and NCOS that something creative needed to be done or the plovers would not be able to reproduce successfully. Read more.

New UCSB Graduates Reflect on Their NCOS Experiences

With the end of the school year upon us, we have a number of graduating students who have worked on the NCOS project for some time, including before the project broke ground. We asked some of these students to reflect on their experience at NCOS and how it has influenced their lives. Read more here.

Community Perceptions and Use of NCOS Revealed

This winter, CCBER conducted surveys to get a better understanding of the community’s perceptions and use of the North Campus Open Space project. Read more about the surveys and results here.

Spring Quarter Seminar Series on Grassland Restoration

CCBER's Conservation and Restoration Ecology Seminar Series for the 2019 Spring quarter will focus on Restoring California's Native Perennial Grasslands. See the schedule of topics and speakers here.

North Campus Open Space Restoration Project

NCOS News - July 2019

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Updates & Events - Summer Happenings at NCOS, Green Infrastructure Grant, and more!

Feature Story - Read a story co-written by COPR staff about the challenges faced by Western Snowy Plovers during the breeding season, especially this year!

Volunteer Opportunities - Help us plant the Mesa this Saturday on July 13, 9:30 - 12:30!

Community Forum and Photos - Yellow-crowned Night Heron, Water Fern and more!

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